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#91: Strive as a mobile developer during tough times

This year there have been, and there are still, massive tech layoffs. The biggest tech companies are letting go many employees, as they increased their headcounts a lot in 2021. What can you do now to help you fall on your feet in case you lose your job in the near future?

#89: Realm for Dart and Flutter

Realm is a mobile-first database with SDKs available for Swift, Kotlin, React Native, and others non-mobile stacks. This week MongoDB announced the availability of a Realm SDK for Flutter/Dart as well. It is open source and the Dart team posted an article about it. The SDK calls the C++ Realm library using dart:ffi. If you have used Realm in other projects you can now port your knowledge to Flutter projects as well.

#88: Review of submissions

As usual, right after an official Flutter event, community created content slows down a bit. Expect fewer links this week. Regarding Flutter Forward, Craig Labenz reviewed in a live stream the submissions for the

#85: 17 days of Flutter is going strong

You need to take some days off to be able to keep up with all the content shared by the Flutter team. In these first days of the 17 days of new Flutter content the team already shared (Codelab) Build a game with Flutter and Flame; (Video) Package of the Week Flame; (Video) Building Doodle Dash with Flutter & Flame; (Video) More Doodle Dash Improvements!; (Video) Adding platforms, enemies, and power ups.

#84: 17 days of Flutter

The Flutter team announced 17 days of new Flutter content leading to the Flutter Forward event on January 25th. There is also a funny video announcement.

#83: Back after the Christmas break

With everything that has happened with Twitter lately, I decided some issues ago to avoid linking Twitter profiles in the newsletter. I prioritize personal websites, but if I cannot find any, I link either GitHub or LinkedIn profiles.

#81: Dart 3 is coming

Soon Dart will drop support for unsound null safety. If you have been updating Dart versions and dependencies regularly, not much will change for you, probably. In the article above, there is also a preview of a new feature that will be introduced during Flutter Forward - patterns. With patterns you get multiple returns for a function, destructuring, pattern matching over algebraic datatypes (switch over class types).

#80: Am I a Flutter course creator now?

Educative is a learning platform that focuses on written courses, rather than the usual video courses of other platforms. Not everybody like to watch a video to learn something new. Some people prefer to read explanations and observe what they are learning in a hands-on coding environment, where they can change the code and see what happens.

#79: Black Friday deals?

There is a big black Friday sale on Kodeco. I am biased because I occasionally do some tech editing work at Kodeco. Books and courses are created by passionate developers, and you should have a look at what is available for Flutter. Kodeco is the new raywenderlich.com.

#78: What is Flutter Forward?

The Flutter team gave more information about the announcement they made last week. They are still not giving any precise information, but expect to see what they are working on and expect to get more updates between now and January 25.

#76: Get mentored by Google

The Google Summer of Code program aims to get new developers started with open-source software development. In the latest iteration this year, the Dart organization mentored three projects. Learn more about them in this article by the Dart team.

#75: The fast growth of personal open-source projects

It is incredible how quickly a personal open-source project can grow. I am interested in Fluttium.dev by Jochum van der Ploeg, and I follow all the frequent updates. My plan is to try it soon, together with Maestro by mobile.dev, to see which one is best for the project I am working on.

#71: Hacktoberfest is near

Hacktoberfest is a celebration of open-source software. In October, if you contribute to some open-source projects, you can get some swag, or a tree planted in your name. Contribute to Flutter projects this October.
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