Michele Volpato

Michele Volpato

This week in Flutter #82: Ubuntu uses Flutter for their installer

With Flutter for desktop, the team announced support for Linux, and Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, started working on several packages to help developers integrate their Flutter apps in the Linux ecosystem.

Ubuntu itself will start using a brand-new desktop installer written in Flutter It is good that Flutter is being officially used by the Ubuntu team.

- Michele Volpato

Development 🧑‍💻

Learning Dart as a Swift developer

From the official docs, a guide for Swift developers who want to learn Dart. I wish this was available when I started working with Flutter.

isolate_agents: Easy Isolates for Flutter

by Aaron Clarke

A new package for Flutter and Dart that makes isolates easier to work with. It also comes with a Romeo and Juliet example to decrypt encrypted messages.

Create A Breakout Game in Flutter With Flame and Forge2D

by Michael Jordan

A three-part article on creating a Flutter game using Flame and Forge2D. Start learning with this article and be sure to read the upcoming continuations.

Migrating a Flutter app to Material 3

by Taha Tesser

Do you want to refresh the UI of your Flutter app to the newest Material design specification? Learn what’s changed and how to migrate in this article for Codemagic.

Tools 🛠

Clean Framework

by Matthew Hamburger

Clean Framework is a toolkit that helps you create a layered architecture, following the principles of Clean Architecture.

Others 🤷‍♂️

How we built a highly customizable rich-text editor for Flutter

by Lucas Xu

AppFlowy is an open-source alternative to Notion that uses Flutter under the hood. As you can imagine, a tool like AppFlowy needs a powerful text editor. That is why they decided to create their own text editor package: appflowy_editor.

How can we improve the Flutter experience for desktop?

by Mindy Hoover

UX researchers collected data from Flutter desktop developers, even during Flutter Vikings, and here are the results of that study.

go_router (Package of the Week)

“Looking for a routing API to navigate between screens using URLs in your Flutter app? Or maybe you need a quick way to add deep linking to your app? The go_router package has got you covered!”

That’s it for this week.

If you want to comment on any of this week’s entries, you can do it in the comment section below.

Have a bug-free week,

- Michele Volpato

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