Michele Volpato

Michele Volpato

This week in Flutter #140: Are Google layoffs hurting Flutter?


There was a lot of talking online about the layoffs at Google with many people questioning the future of Flutter.

The product manager of Dart and Flutter decided to clarify the situation:

Michael Thomsen clarifies the situation with the Flutter team: 'With so much misinformation circulating about Dart & Flutter I feel a need to clarify. Facts: No strategy changes. No change in team size; some DevOps roles moving to new locations. 2024 roadmap continues. Now I'll get back to the product!

Ian Hickson, the former tech lead in the Flutter team, also published his insights on the size of the “Flutter team”, but there might not be the answer you are looking for in there.

Flutter’s an open source UI framework. It will never die. It will become old and something else will shine brighter one day, just as happens with literally every other UI framework ever.

Flutter is different compared to most of the projects in Google’s graveyard. It is not a service provided by Google, it is an open-source framework. If Google decides to drop its support for it, maintainers can continue working on it, without one of the biggest corporations deciding the direction the project will take.

I am not worried.

- Michele Volpato

🧑‍💻 Development in Flutter

Animating Canvas in Flutter

by Darshan Rander

Most articles about Flutter animations are quite basic. In this one, you will see how the author create an animation needed for a real-world application.

Accessibility in Flutter on the Web

by Thomas Steiner

We all know about accessibility features when developing a Flutter app. You are actively making your app more accessible, right? But how does it work for Flutter web apps? Learn more in this article by the Flutter team.

Code Generation with Dart & Flutter: The Ultimate Guide

by Anna Leushchenko

This is a comprehensive guide to code generation in Dart and Flutter. A must-read.

How It’s Made: Digital Escape Room AI-driven game powered by Gemini and Flutter

by Jorge Coca

Learn about how Very Good Ventures built an AI-powered Escape Room in just three weeks with Flutter and Gemini.

Flutter Vignettes updated to Dart 3.x

by Shawn Blais

There is an app on the stores that you can use to show to your boss/colleagues/friends what kind of UI you can make with Flutter. And its code is now updated to the latest Flutter version.

🛠️ Tools to improve your Flutter experience

Flutter: Selective CI Checks

by Pavel Sulimau

When you are working on a big monorepo, you need to make sure that you are not wasting time and resources during your continuous integration workflow. Do you really need to run all the tests in all your packages if your change only touches one of them? If you use Melos, and you should, Pavel has a suggestion for you.

How to quickly get a PrivacyInfo.xcprivacy file for your iOS app

by Mick Byrne

The next time you submit a new app, or an app update, to Apple for review, it might get rejected because of a missing privacy manifest. What is a privacy manifest and how can you create one? Luckily the community is here to help. Learn more in the article.

🎥 Flutter videos

Isolates (Technique of the Week)

“If your Flutter app has jank due to a heavy computation, use Isolate.run() to move that computation to a new isolate.”

Observable Flutter #40: Building with Serverpod - Data CRUD

with Craig Labenz

Craigs continues working on his Twitter clone app. There are more episodes online: Observable Flutter #41: Building with Serverpod, Data filtering and Observable Flutter #42: Building with Serverpod, Data layer & user authentication. With a playlist like this, who needs Netflix?

👨‍💻 Software engineering

If Inheritance is so bad, why does everyone use it?

by Hillel Wayne

This is an older article, but worth reading. You learn inheritance when learning programming, and then, one day, you are being told that it is bad and you should use composition instead. Why is that?

This article has had a follow-up: When to prefer inheritance to composition.

Debunking Devin: “First AI Software Engineer” Upwork lie exposed!

by Carl

Devin is the “first AI software engineer”. But is it, really? Is it better than a junior software engineer? Is it better than a monkey “software engineer”? No, it’s not. Many developers got worried after it was announced some weeks ago, but I think there is nothing to be worried about, given its current state.

That’s it for this week.

If you want to comment on any of this week’s entries, you can do it in the comment section below.

Have a bug-free week,

- Michele Volpato

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