Michele Volpato

Michele Volpato

This week in Flutter #110: More notes about Fluttercon

Last week, I gave you my list of favorite talks from Fluttercon in Berlin. This week, I give you a link to Dominik Roszkowski’s notes from Fluttercon 2023.

At the end of the notes, you can also find the slides to his talk: From Network Failures to Offline Success: A Journey of Visible App.

- Michele Volpato

🧑‍💻 Development in Flutter

Working with Files in Flutter

by David Serrano

Here is a quick list of code snippets to work with the filesystem from a Flutter app.

How to handle all kinds of notifications?

by Guillaume Bernos

One of the talks I could not go to at Fluttercon in Berlin, because of a conflicted schedule, was this one. I will have to wait for the videos of the conference to go online, but in the meanwhile, you can check the slides.

Theme and Accent Color switch with Riverpod in Flutter

by Alberto Bonacina

In order to develop dynamic and configurable user interfaces, this article explores the seamless integration of Riverpod’s state management capabilities with Flutter’s theming system. You will learn how to define and update themes and use Riverpod’s providers to easily adjust accent color.

🛠️ Tools to improve your Flutter experience

Getting creative with Shorebird

by Reme Le Hane

I linked Shorebird in previous issues of this newsletter. It was also heavily mentioned by Eric Seidel at Fluttercon last week. In this article, Shorebird is used in a non-conventional way. When your client does not allow the devices to connect to the Google Play Store, you can use Shorebird to deliver updates.

🎥 Flutter videos

Firestore (Package of the Week)

“Firestore is a flexible, scalable NoSQL database for mobile, web and server development by Firebase. It offers real-time updates, security rules to keep your user’s data safe, and offline capabilities right out of the box.”

👨‍💻 Software engineering

Names should be as short as possible while still being clear

by Ben Hoyt

The most important phrase in this article: “… don’t name things to explain everything they do; name things so the meaning is clear in context.” This is the difference between requests.send_get_request_and_receive_response(url) and requests.get().

That’s it for this week.

If you want to comment on any of this week’s entries, you can do it in the comment section below.

Have a bug-free week,

- Michele Volpato

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